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August 30,2017

Dear Ms. Scarlett,

I cannot thank you enough for the overall physical improvement and relief of pain that your personal treatment has provided me.  I must commend you on your persistence in battling my skepticism in regard to the electro acupuncture treatment you provided me.  It was beyond AWESOME!!!

I was especially impressed by your warmth and the sincerity with which you conduct your business.  The treatment you provided made a significant reduction in my pain and anxiety.  Our session also seemed to improve my range of motion. As someone struggling with lower back pain, anxiety and stiffness (as you know) for many years, I would definitely recommend your wellness services to anyone in need of alternative pain relief measures that you graciously offer.

With Multitudes of Gratitude,

Bruce J. Joffe/Realtor

Keller Williams Chino Hills

Chino Hills Ca. 91709




I was referred to Dr. Scarlett about a month ago by a friend who is also a current patient, but for a longer amount of time. While I had had acupuncture in the past, I was reluctant to restart as I had treatment from the best, Dr. Y. Ni, prior to her could anyone ever come close? Well my pain and the recommendation of a trusted friend led me to Dr. Scarlett. I am so pleased with the treatment and the results, after only about 5 sessions. I went for joint problems and inflammation, but more was also discussed, identified and treated. While I am still a work in progress, I am no longer in extreme pain. Additionally I have far more energy. She has helped encourage lifestyle changes, views treatment and related behavioral/lifestyle changes as a process, and is therefore so positive and understanding. She has really encouraged me to be my own health advocate, try some new things out (one thing at a time based on my preferences and personality), and is completely understanding and of the times I have inadvertently been non-compliant...'its a process.' I see her in her La Jolla office, which is clean, calming, welcoming and peaceful. There is hot tea waiting, an amazing office coordinator, as well as other practitioners (chiropractic and massage). My insurance is confusing but covers some acupuncture, and they were there to help me work it out as that too is a concern. I am very grateful to have found Red Lotus and appreciate Dr. Scarlett, her positive, nurturing, and healing environment. Definitely worth checking out!!!                                                                              ~ Bridget S. - La Jolla, CA


Ms Yvonne has been my sole acupuncturist for years now, and I can't imagine leaving her. She is very understanding, sweet, gentle and incredibly patient. I've always found her prices affordable and her hours flexible. I recommend her, and acupuncture as a service, to many and always will. I came to her with a laundry list of issues, and while some problems are persistent, she has combatted one of my biggies, sciatica pain. I am so grateful for her services and highly recommend this woman. She is professional, but also extremely compassionate. She is knowledgeable with the needles, but also In Chinese medicine, diet and more. If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Highly recommended!                                      ~ Paige T. - Oceanside, CA


Hello Yvonne,

I wanted to tell you how much better I am feeling after Monday's treatment. I am moving my neck freely and the range of motion in my left arm has returned (almost) to normal. Incredible!!!   I am so happy to say that I am feeling more like myself today than I have for months.   Thank you!!!                                                ~ Andrea D - Carlsbad, CA