Hi. I’m Rivka. I had pretty nasty rashes that wouldn’t go away. I consulted with several dermatologists who took Biopsies but couldn’t find answers. I have been coming to Red Lotus Wellness Center for 3 months and it’s going away. I have other pains and aches and all I do is come to Acupuncture and I feel better. Thank you.

RivkaThey rash is almost all gone against all odds

Hi. I’m Jack. I’ve had a great deal of pain from Ankylosing spondylitis since I was a teen. I had an artificial hip put in but still in pain. Since I didn’t trust alternative medicine, I was talked into trying Acupuncture. I felt better from day 1 of treatment. I feel better than I ever had since the Arthritis started and at almost 70, I’m able to walk further than I could in the last 30 years. Acupuncture has taken the pain almost completely out both of my legs. I now happily recommend it to other people.

JackI felt better from day 1 of treatment